WSOP Excitement: Daughter and Dad Are Out of the Bubble

WSOP Excitement: Daughter and Dad Are Out of the B...

The World Series of Poker is more than just a festival. This is where emotion runs alongside money, and in some cases, even further. Because when you think about it, there is certainly no place or moment in the world of poker that is less profitable on the wallet. Like There’s no better place than Las Vegas during the WSOP.

It’s up for debate, just look at the faces of those who won the bracelets. Hugs from those off the rail, as happened recently when Julio Belluscio, better known as Bartolo, won a bracelet. But you don’t have to go that far. In that sense, there are few comparable moments when there is a main event bubble where a thousand-plus players are waiting for the cash list to open to express the emotion of duty done, even though the actual win isn’t that big. However, hitting the first goal means much more than $5,000. Not to mention you don’t like being alone.

That’s what happened to the Porterfields, David and Amanda, who made no secret of their excitement when the bubble burst. those who are still alive.

We did it! Dad and I Entered the World Series of Poker Main Event Prize Money! ✨️

— Amanda Botfeld (@amandabotfeld) July 10, 2023

“We did it! Dad Both ITM,” Amanda shared in the first tweet. She then went on to say that they were still online at lunchtime. She fares better at 672k while he surfs at 176k.

The Poker Families of the WSOP

Their stories can be father and son, mother and daughter or any combination. It may have started with a home game for the dad chipping in and later continued while he was coaching his daughter.

In fact, she posted a picture at 13 years old, learning from her dad…

2021: I Went into Day 3 of the WSOP Tag Team Championship with my dad.

2023: My dad and I both completed Day 3 of the Main Event. (Dad – 260k, Me – 362k)

Unreal. ✨️

— Amanda Botfeld (@amandabotfeld) July 9, 2023

She also added another image from WSOP 2021, Titled “Unreal” as they shared the event as a couple, the doubles team finished third.

The ending here The family love story ended on the main event table when David dropped in 1,160. Receive a $17,500 bonus. Amanda, who also wrote a book and now teaches others as her father did to her, entered Day 5 with 910,000 chips in 290th place.

Although separated by variance, it is so well known that it is only indirect. Because as long as there’s poker and the WSOP, they’ll be together forever…

Amanda and her book, and Sean McCormack.

WSOP Excitement: Daughter and Dad Are Out of the B...


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    This text highlights the emotional and financial aspects of the World Series of Poker, emphasizing the importance of winning a bracelet and the joy experienced by players and their families. It also mentions the bond between father and daughter in their poker journey and their shared success at the Main Event.

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