Vitor Coutinho loses flop, 7th on Millionaire Maker FT

Vitor Coutinho loses flop, 7th on Millionaire Make...

The exit that saved Vito Coutinho at the end of the fourth day did not appear in the final act of “Millionaire Maker”, when he needed to be. In a seven-a-side match, he lost a flip and was eliminated. In total, the Brazilians earned $222,749. Here’s how he bid farewell:

Blinds were 800,000/1,600,000 with a BB ante and Myles Mullaly made the min-raise. Andreas Kniep then decided to 3-bet to 10,200,000. With 17,400,000 in chips, Vitor thought long and hard before pushing his stack into the middle of the table. Mullaly combined with J♣J♦ and Kniep called and put 10♣10♠ on the table. Dominating with A?K♥, Vito ended his participation following the 9♣8♦3♥2♣4♥ board.

Vito’s tormentor, Kniep, was hit hard in the 4-hand match. Holding A♠A♥, he called Florian Ribouchon’s min-raise. Meanwhile, CL Pavel Plesuv defended his big hand and announced a 3-bet all-in. When Ribouchon folded, Kniep called and saw CL bring the A 2 ♦ to the table. 10 5 3 4 7 The board gave the online ace a straight and he took the pot.

Plesuv was isolated at the top, beating Gunness shortly after. He beat Gunness on a K♥9♥9♣Q♠10♣ board with Q 8♠ vs. A ♦3♥.

Ribouchon only lasted a few minutes in the heads-up, looking for a chance. In the final hand, he paid off Plesuv’s all-in on the board with K♥5♦2♥K♦ for J♠J♦. With K♠Q♠, Plesuv was not surprised by the 3♣ river and emerged as the champion.

With 10,416 registrants and $1,500 in prize money, the WSOP handed out $13,905,360 in prize money for the Millionaire Maker. See when the finalists won:

1. Pavel Plesuv (Moldova) $1,201,564

2. Florian Ribouchon (France) $1,003,554

3. Paul Gunness (USA) $650,058

4. Andreas Knipp (Germany) $501,182

5. Anton Smirnov (Russia) $373,524

6. Miles Mulally (USA) $287,522

7. Vito Coutinho (Brazil) $222,749

8. Andras Matale (Hungary) $173,683

9. Charles Benoit (Canada) $136,302

Vitor Coutinho loses flop, 7th on Millionaire Make...

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