The winner of the $1,050 GGMasters High Roller was “RegBull.”

The remarkable skill of the nation’s grinders continues in the $1,050 GGMasters, the internet’s top freezeout competition. Early this morning, “RegBull” departed GGPoker with the bronze medal and $71,159 in prize money.

At his goodbye, the brasuca supported the large and paid the “FALBONATION” minimum rise. The flip was 654, and the player from Mexico c-bet $180,000. “RegBull” then announced an all-in raise for $1,041,736. A call from “FALBONATION” showed AA. Turn K and river 5 did not alter the situation, and “RegBull” was eliminated.

Guilherme “guitiradent1” Benatto was the winner of the $150 GGMasters tournament. After finishing in third place, he increased his bankroll by $36,527.

Three-handed chip leader Guilherme faced KK in two preflop all-in situations. In the first move, with 44 in hand, he saw his opponent’s continuation on the board 7KA57. A few hands later, with AQ versus KK, the Brazilian had no chance and lost all of his chips (6K9KA).

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