The top five microlimit poker rooms in 2023

Almost all players begin their careers at micro-limits (cash games with maximum bets of $0.05/0.10) The playing ground is roughly equivalent in all rounds, although other game variables might vary greatly. We’ve prepared an unique selection of microlimit-optimized sites based on a variety of factors.

Top Poker Rooms for Microlimit Poker Online

*Banks with 25BB or more also pay rake preflop. **Loyalty rakeback is indirect and based on the PVI index. The actual rakeback for regulators is around 10%.

***The room lacks a loyalty program.

I refer to direct assistance without the use of converters.

How does one choose a poker room?

There is no one ideal microlimit poker room for all players. Each player has a unique set of criteria and goals for their gaming room: some are interested in HUD support, while others want a selection of possible bonuses.

Because of this, we have compiled a list of the TOP 5 rooms for playing at low limits, based on a set of specific criteria, and depending on the combination of these factors, it will be simpler for you to choose a location for the game.

We do not consider the quality of the field and the number of tables, since there are several weak players at NL2-10$ and the traffic volume is adequate for multiteaming, at least in the evening.

Evaluation criteria:

Size of the rake

The proportion of rakeback.

A range of games.

Assistance with trackers.

Available perks.


The biggest room in the world is distinguished by the near-constant availability of low-limit tables. It also distinguishes itself from its rivals by offering the most extensive selection of games:

Regular Hold’em and Omaha (5-card) tables, as well as three limits of Quick Poker, are available. $0.01/0.02, $0.02/0.05, $0.05/0.10.

Small deck featuring 2, 5, and 10 cent antes.

AoF up to the NL10$ maximum (buy-in only 8BB).

The built-in HUD somewhat compensates for the absence of external HUD functionality. His base statistics are sufficient for microlimits. The client is “heavy” and filled with features, so you’ll need a powerful computer and to get accustomed to it.

On the other hand, PokerOK’s rake is more than normal owing to extra costs for jackpots, but the true rakeback for regulars under the loyalty scheme seldom exceeds 10%.

The only way to get a truly high rakeback % is to work your way into the top daily races and prizes of GGCare lottery freerolls, where stacks are awarded for pots lost due to badbits.


Moreover, the rouble poker room offers three limitations that might be categorized as “micro.” True, practically all of their activity occurs at Hold’em tables: 6-max (1/2, 2/5,5/10), 8-max (2/5,5/10), Boost (1/2,5/10).

The primary exclusive on Pokerdom is Chinese poker activity. The rake minimum is merely 1 ruble.

While rake in the room is comparable to that of Pokerdom (due to the same reason), the system of loyalty gives direct rakeback, the amount of which will be at least 16% if you rake from $215 per month, which is within the ability of a microlimit regular.

There are several customization possibilities for the client, however trackers are disallowed and the table layout is aimed at novice players.


With the criteria outlined at the beginning of this post, the flagship of the iPoker network may be considered the most optimum for regular players. Play 6-max Hold’em, Omaha, Quick Poker, and Shortdeck at low stakes with external HUD, third-party layouts, and rakeback starting at 20%.

Yet, this micro-limit rake is the largest of all the roums discussed in this article.


The American network Chico’s skin is distinguished from its rivals by the following characteristics:

The game begins with $10 NL/PLO limits.

In addition to conventional tables, there is activity at $0.05/$0.10 betting levels in Fast Poker.

European time, traffic peaks late at night and early in the morning.

Microlimit players may only anticipate rewards on the first deposit bonus (10%).

The rake is superior than average.

Tigergaming is ideal for bumhunting on the NL/PLO10$ table.


Although though it became well-known in 2022 because to Tony G’s high-stakes games, the lion’s share of traffic is gathered on the three limits up to NL25$ in the biggest cryptocurrency gaming room. There are more than 20 tables on them at busy hours.

Under the loyalty scheme – set 30% for rake CHP, and 50% for the deposit bonus – the primary “attribute” of CoinPoker is the potential to get a substantial rakeback at low rake. Furthermore, those that are willing to grind in the poker room may compete for weekly rake races.

Regrettably, the use of any third-party poker software is restricted in the room.

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    This text provides information and recommendations on the best microlimit poker rooms based on factors such as rake, rakeback, game variety, and assistance with trackers. It highlights PokerOK, Pokerdom, RedStar, Tigergaming, and CoinPoker as top options for low-stakes players.

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