The results of’s competition

Last week, and the Academy of Poker sponsored a drawing for two 80,000-ruble tickets to a high-stakes event at the Pokerdom poker room. The tournament had 34 participants and five re-entries, creating a prize pool of 2,964,000 rubles.

According to the results of the tournament on, the poker player with the alias ylianastar got the ticket, while the Poker Academy’s winner was anubis96. Both winners get the opportunity to refill their bankrolls by at least five digits.

The reward zone spanned six positions. The smallest prize money was 85,020 rubles, and the winner was predicted to get 469,00 rubles. Due to the admission fee, only serious players participated in the competition, making it difficult for our competitors.

The victors of our tournament were unable to best a tiny group of professional players, and ylianastar and anubis96 were eliminated far before the reward zone. However, we still congratulate our champions; you will triumph the next time!

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