The best strategies to play Blackjack

A good game never goes out of fashion. Blackjack is so popular that it even stands out in the games of online casinos in Colombia and it has different modalities. Day by day, there are more and more users who try their luck betting on the best live or online Blackjack or blackjack games.

With a good strategy and a bit of luck, it is possible to win at Blackjack almost systematically, just like the group of college students in the well-known movie. This is no longer the case in online casinos, since it is important to share the winnings between players and house so that the game is fair. This is why there are Return to Player (RTP) rates. If the winnings were only for the players, there would be no way for a casino to be sustainable.

However, there are many ways to win at Blackjack and that is part of what makes it so exciting. Knowing the strategies will allow you to analyze the game before leaving everything to chance. This way, you will increase your chances. That’s why we’re going to answer a few questions to dig into important issues that will help you improve the outcome of your Blackjack bets:

When to double a bet?

How to practice your strategies?

Insurance bets and tricks specific to European Blackjack.

Know when to double down

You should decide to double down once you have your cards, but not in a hurry. The first thing to do is to log in to the live or online Blackjack room of your choice. Once you are registered and inside, the dealer will give you your hand and that will be the moment to decide if you want to double down or not.

To decide strategically you must take into account some variables regarding the symbols in your hand. If you think that you should ask for another card or that it is better to stand, you should not double your bet.

To double your bet you should count on cards like 9, 10 or 11. If it turns out that your first card is one of these numbers, you can double your bet and wait for the other players to stand to define the best combination. Doubling down may not be such a good decision if someone else at the table has a better combination.

Play in demo mode if you are a beginner

It is normal to stumble when you start playing, so it is advisable to play in demo mode before you start betting. This will allow you to think the games through with a cool head and develop different game strategies.

When we bet impulsively, we tend to lose patience and make erratic decisions. Blackjack involves chance, but also a lot of planning. That is why, in these cases, it is advisable to slow down and start from the beginning: reviewing its rules and practicing in demo.

Playing Blackjack on demo is a great advantage because this practice will make you develop more expertise and skills that will be useful when betting. However, its disadvantage is that you can win games outright and still not receive real money as a profit.



Never accept an insurance wager

In online casinos, insurance wagers are placed after the dealer has drawn the first card. If it is an AS, gamblers may potentially hedge their losses by betting that the dealer will draw 21.

This strategy allows players to reset the game’s balance and steal the house’s gains, even if they do not hold the greatest possible hand. This is advantageous at the time of storing a game, but it is not the optimal solution for online casinos.

This form of wagering is not permitted in Colombian casinos. Therefore, if you are on a site that provides this option, you might be a victim of a scam if it is an illegal residence.

Learn particular Blackjack strategies for European games

European Blackjack is distinguished by the fact that the dealer reveals his cards in two stages after dealing each round of cards to the players. Thus, upon seeing the dealer’s initial card, players are able to conjecture about the dealer’s hand in relation to their own and formulate tactics accordingly.

In this kind of Blackjack, it is uncommon for players to double or divide their wagers. Unless they have 9, 10, or 11, they are out. This may be a negative, but it is really a benefit due to the thrill and adrenaline generated by watching each hand revealed in order to choose the winner.

Practice and familiarity with the cards in the deck are crucial if you want to enhance your gaming results. The remainder relies on your good luck.




You may now play blackjack online from any location.


  • The text discusses the popularity of blackjack in online casinos in Colombia and provides strategies for winning at the game. It also advises players to practice in demo mode before betting and to avoid accepting insurance wagers.

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