Super Million Dollars conclusion table

Super Million$

The final table of the most expensive weekly online event, the Super Million$ at PokerOK, was established over the weekend. This week, 176 participants registered for a total of $10,300, and the prize pool was worth $1,760,000.

Traditionally, only the top players participated, and a large number of Russian-speaking poker players reached the final table. Artur Martirosyan, a Russian, finished eighth in the chip count. He has entered the game five times and will begin with a tiny 21 BB stack.

Alexey Ponyakov, another frequent competitor in the Super Million$ finals, holds the seventh position. His place in the rankings is comparable to Arthur’s, with 26 large blinds.

The fifth-place finisher is the mysterious player spaise411, who often features in the final tables of pricey tournaments. His overall tournament wins at PokerOK surpass $3,100,000, and he has 35 BB in his box.

The famed high roller Viktor Malinovsky, who continues to perform under the flag of Macau, holds the fourth position. Limitless has three Super Million$ championships already. Victor will begin the game with 66 large blinds, giving him every opportunity to win his fourth bracelet this week.

Roman Novoselov, a Russian poker player who plays under the Turkish flag, is also in top position in terms of chip count. His box has 85 large blinds and the best odds of winning. He has the lowest tournament earnings at PokerOK among all Russian-speaking players at the final table, with less than $200,000 in tournament prizes.

Tonight, five of our players will continue to battle for the first-place reward of $357,000 and another millionaire victory. Artur Martirosyan is the contestant with the most first-place finishes, with a record five since the inception of the Super Million$ competition.

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