Sam Greenwood breaks into the PSPC 250K and earns $3,2 million.

Sam Greenwood, a celebrity, returned to the Bahamas four years after winning the PCA Super High Roller to claim victory in an even more costly event. At the $250,000 PSPC, he defeated 39 competitors to win $3,276,760.

Greenwood was one of the few competitors who fire two bullets throughout the entire tournament. In addition to not suffering at any moment on the ITM bubble, he seized the lead.

After this, Greenwood engaged in a flip versus Justin Bonomo. With 55 against QJ, the Canadian prevailed on board 8622K and eliminated his opponent.

Greenwood went for Artur Martirosian’s chips on the same level. On a second pre-flop all-in, he displayed KK vs the Russian’s A6. CL was not surprised by the JQ5J8 advantage, and he collected another elimination.

Greenwood saw Jean-Nol Thorel’s reaction with more than half of his chips already in play. The French businessman, who had previously been vanquished by Byron Kaverman and David Yan, momentarily regained the lead. After reversing the course of the duel, Greenwood never looked back.

Thorel made an open push of 22 bbs on the penultimate move and followed Greenwood’s payout with 22. The veteran could not locate any of his outs on the 910K46 board when dominated by Q8.

The 250K awarded a total of $9,498,060 in prizes. Check the amount earned by each finalist:

1. Sam Greenwood (Canada) $3,276,760

$2,317,100 for Jean-Noel Thorel (France).

David Yan (New Zealand) was awarded $1,472,200

4. Byron Kaverman (USA) $1,092,300

5. Artur Martirosian (Russia) $854,800

6.Justin Bonomo (United States) $664,900

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