Rodrigo Selouan takes the podium at Titans event

Rodrigo Selouan takes podium at PokerStars Titan e...

Rodrigo Selouan once again shone in PokerStars’ premier high roller tournament on Sunday (17th). The Brazilian star from 9Tales finished third in the Titans event, which had a buy-in of $5,200.

Rodrigo performed well throughout the tournament, with 57 entries and $10 in prize money. The winner, Vlad “VladTheSlaye” Martynenko of Ukraine, took home $88,556. Selouan received a bonus of $45,988 for his performance in the Titans event. Pair found on flop not enough against Ukrainian Queen:

Brazilian star Neymar Jr. is also on the field Neymar enters this Sunday’s Titans game final table, but fate was cruel to the forward. Neymar, still recovering from surgery for an injury suffered during Brazil’s match against Uruguay, made the final table with Celoian but bowed out in a brutal eighth place. This represents the bubble for the tournament.

Neymar now had the fifth-largest chip stack among the eight players and made a small raise in the small blind, which was called the lead time by Denmark’s “theswingking88” (tournament chip). Big blind. On the flop, the Brazilian made a blind bet, the Dane raised again, and the Dane called.

On the turn, the Brazilian checked; the Dane called again. The big blind raised to 14 blinds, which was the pot at the time, and got an all-in move from the Brazilian star, who still had 31.8 blinds left in his stack. The Dane’s call brought a bucket of cold water: “theswingking888” got it, making things very difficult for the Brazilian. The river sealed Neymar’s collapse in the bubble.

Rodrigo Selouan takes podium at PokerStars Titan e...

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  • The text highlights Brazilian poker player Rodrigo Selouan’s strong performance in a high roller tournament on PokerStars, finishing third and winning a bonus of $45,988. It also mentions Brazilian star Neymar Jr.’s participation in the same tournament but being eliminated in eighth place, representing the bubble for the tournament.

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    This text discusses Rodrigo Selouan’s performance in a high roller poker tournament, where he finished third and earned a bonus of $45,988. It also mentions that Brazilian star Neymar Jr. made it to the final table but was eliminated in eighth place.

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