Partypoker is closed for players from Ukraine and Kazakhstan | What alternatives?

One of the most recognizable companies is exiting the CIS poker industry entirely. From January 30, 2023, poker players from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, along with six other European and Latin American nations, will no longer be permitted to play on partypoker.

Partypoker уходят из Украины и Казахстана. Какие альтернативы?

The Great Exodus.

Nearly a year after withdrawing from Russia and Moldova, partypoker opted to deny players from nine nations access to the tables. This action is a result of the strategy set two years ago to progressively transition to working only on regulated markets.

This time, the party will abandon the post-Soviet sphere entirely. Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan were the final nations in the area whose residents would restrict access.

Everything will be implemented technically as follows:

Remain seated until January 30. Before then, it is important to play all bonuses.

No deposits will be accepted from January 23.

Tickets, tournament dollars, and roulette points will be converted to cash automatically. The final payment will be due February 6.

Beginning on January 31, logging into the client will only be permitted for cashouts.

More countries in Europe (Iceland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Austria) and Latin America were visited “for the firm” (Argentina, Bolivia). Before the end of the year, it is expected that the room will exit many countries with uncontrolled gambling markets.

Principal alternatives

Nevertheless, those regulars for whom Party was the most popular room will soon want an other location to play.

The partypoker cash game players are used to playing against a somewhat strong field sans HUD and with a generous rakeback. Now, in almost identical circumstances, but with tracker help, they have access to two roums. And with both standard and expedited tables:

* Weekly payment as high as $500

During peak hours, these rooms provide a wide variety of limits up to NL/PLO5K$. At King’s, in addition to 6-max, there is also full-ring play, which went “dead” a few years ago at Pati.

Additionally, both roums are excellent options for players:

In Spins: RedStar. Limits are up to 200 euros. The most costly has a rake of five percent.

Classic SnG: PokerKing offers 6- and 9-max turbos with blind levels between $60 and $100.

Additional alternatives

If the conditions for the new room are relaxed, the selection will grow at the cost of:

Tigergaming is another American online casino. It has no loyalty system and players earn RB by racing, however the field is smaller than in the previous two rounds, and 9-max has more activity than King’s. NL $100 is one of the most popular limits.

Poker applications (PPPoker, PokerBros, ClubGG). The predominance of low activity in PLO5, strong rakeback, bankroll security, and other “pluses” on our site compensate for the club mechanics of the game via mobile software.

For any information about the game in these rooms, please contact our management.





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