More than €1 million in prizes were distributed yesterday at 7 events of the Winamax Sunday Foundation

Yesterday, Winamax .fres experienced a A great multi-table tournament day featuring Sunday Fun Day events. The room organizes 37tournaments with a jackpot exceeding €10,000, allocating 1 €. 77 millionin prizes.

7 Fun Days began with a guarantee worth €900,000 and ended with a downpour of more than A prize of one million euros.

In addition to the foundation campaign “ Angello365 “, Sunday Surprise won 10€ and won 9€ b> , 000. 90 and journey to winner’s chosen destination .

Here are the results of the main race Saturday:

These are the results of the MTTs Sunday Jackpot over €10,000:

A new day of regular play today awaits us.

Responsible . Online poker rooms have various systems to encourage responsible play (such as self-exclusion or deposit limits).

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