Listen to the podcast of the 218th MarcaPoker show hosted by Rodrigo Corzo

MarcaPoker, with David Luzago

MarcaPoker Got his 218 yesterday. Thanks to the sponsorship of David Luzago and Winamax, the Radio Marca show airs.

David commented on PokerNational and International News and the hour and a half was as entertaining as ever.

We don’t spoil the content; we just provide the table of content:

David Luzago‘s own news digest.

Interview with players and actors Rodrigo Corzo , who discovered a live poker assistant via artificial intelligence.

New version of the “Poker Curiosities” section with Álvaro Marino “Dracula”. It was on this occasion that he found the largest overlap of live and online tournaments in history.

As well as connections with CNP La Liga de Mallorca , Murcia Community Tournament, Galicia Golden Series and Golden’s Caribbean poker experience.

If you can’t listen live, we recommend listening to MarcaPoker on tape delay


  • Windler.antwon

    This text seems to be promoting a radio show called MarcaPoker and its recent episode, which featured news and interviews related to both national and international poker. The sponsorship of David Luzago and Winamax is mentioned, as well as various poker events and connections with different poker leagues and tournaments. It also suggests listening to the show on tape delay if unable to catch it live.

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