Glaser tips the balances in his favor among the WPT World Championship finalists

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Benny Glaser, a Briton, has extended his domination in the World Poker Tour’s 20th-anniversary festival’s main event and will emerge as the leader among the six finalists who will determine the winner on Tuesday. Glaser has more than 40% of the chips in play at the final table, with 133,600,000 points. His escort will be the Canadian Eliot Hudon, with a unit capacity of 80,800,000. The Argentine Juan Orellana and the Dominican Alberto Merán expressed their farewells during Day 5’s evening on Sunday.

Orellana and Merán fought valiantly, but neither earned a position at the WPT World Championship final table.

Without Latin American participation, the highest-paying poker event in history will be determined. The Argentine Juan José Orellana and the Dominican Alberto Merán, the only players from the region who had reached their seat among the 37 players who participated in the session corresponding to Day 5 of the tournament, which was played on Sunday, were stripped of their chips and gave up any hope of winning the $4,146,400 prize reserved for the winner of this massive competition.

He is an Argentine

Juan Jose Orellana

parked in 26th position on the standings and was awarded US$119,300

Orellana concluded his involvement in the competition while there were still 26 players remaining. Consequently, he offered a prize of $119,300. Likewise, the islander Merán had a less lucky Sunday, and he was thus the first eliminated in the evening. Therefore, his 37th position earned him $98,600.

The Russian Igor Kurganov (31st – US$119,300); the American Lori Ann Persinger (30th – US$119,300), who was recognized as the best female competitor in this tournament; the Romanian Adrian Sorel State (22nd – US$144,300); and the Canadian megastar Daniel Negreanu (17th – US$176,200) were also left on the path that defined the final table of this WPT World Championship.


day 5

It ended quite quickly for the Dominican.

Alberto Meran

, who received $99,000

A number of players who had excelled in earlier rounds of the event, including the Bulgarian Krasimir Yankov (11th; $338,500) and the Americans Soheb Porbandarwala (15th; $217,100) and Alexander Farahi (16th; $217,100), were eliminated on the hard day. Those that achieved the top of the pay scale during the session that finished with Lucas Foster’s elimination, leaving the WPT World Championship finals as follows:

Seventh: Lucas Foster (USA) $704,000; eighth: Drew O’Connell (USA); ninth: Michael Rocco (USA); and tenth: Rami Owera (USA) $429,000

At the conclusion of play, the British player Benny Glaser had amassed 133,600,000 chips, putting him in the lead for the third consecutive day. His companion is the Canadian Eliot Hudon, who recorded 80.8 million points. Between them, they make up to roughly three quarters of all the chips in play; for which they will have broad preference to claim the crown of this historic game. The six mentioned at the tournament’s gala table will be positioned as follows on Tuesday, when the definition will take place:

Chair 1: Frank Funaro (United States) (13 big blinds) Chair 2: Jean-Claude Moussa (United States) (12) Chair 3: Adam Adler (United States) (17) 14 million dollars: Colton Blomberg (United States), seat 4. (9) Benny Glaser (United Kingdom), Seat 5: 133,600,000 (83) Seat 6: Eliot Hudon (Canada) 80,800,000 (51)

To conclude, we describe the awards that the WPT World Championship finalists will receive:

Champion: $4,146,400 (includes a $10,400 seat for the 2023 WPT World Championship).

Runner-up: $2,830,000

Third Position: $2,090,500

4th: $1,608,000

5th: $1,301,000

6 °: US$1,001,050

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