Galfond Challenge begins by pitting Phil Galfond against Daniel Cates at PLO20000.

Phil Galfond was formerly a highly busy entrepreneur who only took time away from overseeing his new online poker facility to support it with a series of heads-up challenges against some of the finest players in the world.

Due to his triumphs versus Venividi, Actionfreak, Chance Kornuth, and Brandon Adams, “OMGClayAiken”/”MrSweets28” regained a very high place in the global poker rankings as a result of the Galfond Challenges.

Run it Once failed to gain traction in the “.com” market, never filed for licenses in other markets, and Galfond, his team, and the proprietary programming platform were ultimately acquired by Rush Street Interactive to prepare for a possible landing in the U.S. market.

Phil completed the round of Challenges undefeated, however some of the scheduled games were not played, including those versus Bill Perkins and Daniel Cates “Jungleman.”

Cates and Galfond have been exchanging messages on social networks, joking and priming the environment for a rematch of the Galfond Cjchallenge. And, now that it’s simpler to balance schedules, they’ve opted to confront one other.

It is time to determine if the falcon can live in the forest.

My #GalfondChallenge vs. @junglemandan finally starts!

We will play this Thursday through Saturday from around 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.

You may find me streaming here:

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– Phil Galfond (@PhilGalfond) January 30, 2023

The game has begun over the weekend and is continuing at a decent speed. They have eaten around 2,000 of the 7,500 hands specified at the $10/$20 PLO tables, but they are really playing $100/$200, since they are constrained by the levels supplied by the room and have had to come to that deal.

“Jungleman” now has the upper hand. Cates has won two of the three games they have played.

In the first session, Galfond earned $10,000, half a sum.

On this occasion, Phil evaluated the most significant hands of the session on his YouTube live broadcast.

Cates left Session 2 with a $50,000 profit and two and a half cashes.

During this session, Galfond has already begun editing game footage with commentary on the most significant hands.

In the third session, Cates increased his advantage by $35,000, or almost two additional boxes.

No one could better examine this session than Galfond himself.

Daniel Cates has a $75,000 advantage against Galfond, who states in all of his films that he is pleased with his performance and that the cards are not currently in his favor.

You get access to every single hand played by these two cracks on Phil Galfond’s YouTube channel in the Direct section. Cates has also joined the third session’s live broadcasts on his own YouTube channel.

Four-card stud enthusiasts are in for a treat. This is some really high-quality reading material.

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