Felipe Ketzer becomes champion of the PokerStars Titans Event

Online tables turned to a very lively Sunday night with Brazilian poker. PokerStars’ most expensive weekly tournament, the $5,200 buy-in Titans showed perfect dominance of the green and yellow flags, which Felipe Koetzer won after a shock doubles match against Rodrigo Celuan.

Playing against other poker players in Thailand, Felipe Koetzer didn’t stop and decided to meet despite a somewhat unfavorable schedule. But that didn’t stop him from producing great results at the PokerStars tables. Koetzerfelipe beat 68 participants and took home $82,009 in prize money.

The amount is due to the deal “SELOUAN1991” made with fellow 9Tales player Rodrigo Celuan. Of note was the brilliant performance of the player from Curitiba, who, like Ketzer, made it to the final table and turned things around with a big stack. He won change of $78,495.

Felipe was a tough player with only four big blinds during the final table bubble, but he managed to double up on Celuan. Already at the final table, he won two all-in against Oliver Weiss “sk2ll_m0dR” and managed to get back in line.

The game has changed since then. The elimination rounds continued, and soon the deciding four were formed. In the decisive hand he was rewarded with aggression from Arseny Malinov, “hello_totti” at the wrong time, and a fold with aces.

Malinov was a formidable opponent in the 3-max match and did not drop out until there was a straight on board 86795. The Russian tried to bluff, but Ketzer had a three and went higher. In heads-up play after that hand the Brazilian went all-in and Felipe closed with a good diamond flush.

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