Faraz Jaka praises Mastrootto after penalty shootout: ‘He’s incredible’

For the first gold bracelet, Faraz repeated the Ja...

Yuri Martins and Allan Mello have qualified for the final table of Event #85 ($1,500 Penalty Shootout), as has star Faraz Jaka will be added to it. The American, one of the most respected figures on the scene, booked his ticket after beating Gustavo Mastrootto heads-up at the same table. There even seems to be a good friendship between the two.

After the duel, Jaka and Mastelotto had a long chat, discussing some of the hands they had played. The two players took careful notes during the match and then exchanged views on different hands. Mundo Poker interviewed Jaka and he talked about “22ehnutzz”.

“It’s fun! He’s a great player. I haven’t played him yet. We meet at the dinner table,” Faraz said. “A friend (Alexander Mantovani, aka Cavallito) told me he was one of the best players in Brazil. It was fun to play with him,” he added. Jaka also explains their conversation at the end of the table.

“We had a lot of fun playing together and when it was over I was curious what he had and he was curious what I had. We both typed all Content.” Hand. So besides being great in other ways, it was fun talking to him. We might keep in touch and become friends, who knows. said Jaka.

Jaka, who ended up finishing eighth, has reached the final table of his WSOP career and is still looking for his first bracelet. He scored a penalty in 2016 final table, but became the second person to be eliminated by the FT. “I like the penalty shootout format because a lot of people are not used to playing short heads-up tables,” he explained. Now he is expected to play against the Brazilian Another duel: “Now I’m going to face Yuri, maybe I’ll go heads-up with him at the next table,” he concluded.

For the first gold bracelet, Faraz repeated the Ja...

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