Duek plays Latin cards in the Poker World Cup definition.

Michael Duek, an Argentine, wants to enforce the Spanish language at the final table of the Main Event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), which will begin play on Friday. At the conclusion of the day, only four contestants will retain the opportunity to compete for the golden bracelet and the sumptuous reward of US$10,000,000. Espen Jorstad and Matthew Su are tied for the lead in the chip count.

Jorstad and Su are in the lead among Las Vegas’s finalists.

This Friday, the event on the top international schedule that creates the greatest anticipation among poker enthusiasts from across the world approaches its most vital phase. With the top 10 players being called to the first of two gala sessions that will determine the winner, the Main Event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) starts to be defined. The victor of this marathon challenge, which drew 8,663 devotees from the five continents, will be granted a fortune of ten million dollars, the most desired of the golden wristbands, and the indelible honor of attaining the orbital title.

the Scandinavian

Espen Jorstad

shares the lead with the United States.

Michael Su

After Day 7, which lasted into the early hours of this Thursday, the ten remaining players enjoyed a well-deserved day of recuperation before taking their seats at the event’s so-called Unofficial Final Table on Friday afternoon. When the clock restarts at level 38, with blinds of 600,000/1,200,000 and an ante of 1,200,000 for the big blind, the final table will be composed of the following players, led by the Norwegian Espen Jorstad and the American Matthew Su:

Chair 1: Philippe Souki (Great Britain) 13,500,000 (11 big blinds)

Second Chair: Adrian Attenborough (Australia) (42)

Chair 3: Matija Dobric (Croatia) 68.65 million (57)

Chairperson No. 4: Michael Duek (Argentina – United States) 49,775,000 (41) (41)

Chair 5: Matthew Su (United States) 83.2 million dollars (69)

Chair No. 6: John Eames (U.K.) 54,950,000 (46)

Chair No. 7: Jeffrey Farnes (United States) (29)

Chair 8: Aaron Duczak (Canada) 56,000,000 (47)

Chair No. 9: Espen Jorstad (Norway) 83.2 million (69)

Asher Conniff (United States) 24 400 000 (20)

By reaching to this level, each contestant has already won at least $675,000. The first elimination will create a cash reward increase of $175,000, and afterwards the awards will increase to seven figures, reaching eight figures for the winner.

Payout chart:

Winner: $10,000,000

Runner-up: $6,000,000

Third place: $4 million

4th: $3,000,000

5th: $2,250,000

6th: $1,750,000

7th: $1,350,000

8th: $1,075,000

9th: $850,675

10th: $675,000

On the previous day, which began with 35 players, figures of the caliber of the 2020 World Champion, the Argentine Damián Salas, were eliminated; the North American shark Aaron Mermelstein, who had not left the top 20 of the chipcount in the previous days; David Daz from Nicaragua, Andrés El Peludo Jeckeln from Mar del Plata, and Kamal Bittar from Guarani, last in the race for Latin America, along with Michael Duek, an Argentine

Andres Jeckeln

Earned his greatest cash in his career, invoicing US$ 323,100 in this event

Among the exceptional treasures that passed through the box between Wednesday night and Thursday morning were:

11th: $675,000 to Robert Welch (United States).

12th: Vadim Rozin (Canada) $525,000

Thirteenth: David Daz (Nicaragua – United States) $525,000

Tom Kunze (Germany) placed 14th and received $410,000.

Jimmy Setna (Canada), 15th, $410,000

16th: Karim Rebei (Algeria) $410,000

Kenny Tran (United States) placed 17th and earned $410,000.

The 18th is Efthymia Litsou (United States – best among women in event) $323,100

Tzur Levy (Israel), 19th, $323,100

Aaron Mermelstein (United States) placed 20th with $323,100.

21st: Andrés Jeckeln (Argentina) $323,100

26th: Kamal Bittar (Paraguay) $323,100

27th: Damian Salas (Argentina) $262,300

Duek places the albiceleste flag on the World Cup gala table for the third straight year.

Michael Duek’s progress to the Unofficial Final Table of the Main Event of the 53rd WSOP is the third straight appearance of an Argentine in that instance of the big yearly orbital poker tournament. In 2021, the nation of tango was represented by the hip hop musician Alejandro Papo MC Lococo, who bowed out with a seventh-place finish that left a bitter aftertaste, since expectations for his performance had grown substantially. reinforced by the rapper’s strong profile in the chipcount at the beginning of the definition.

In January 2021, for the definition of the hybrid version that was adapted in 2020 so that the historic World Poker Championship did not remain without a live winner despite the setbacks caused by the pandemic, El Pampa, Damián Salas, arrived in Las Vegas to face the so-called Heads Up Championship, which he arrived as champion of the stage for non-American players, a title he achieved in Rozvadov, a couple of weeks earlier, after a massive preliminaries

Damian Salas,

The only Argentine to attain the status of a

global poker

Duek is a type of ace up the Argentine delegation’s sleeve in the gold bracelet debate. His genuine nationality had gone unreported until Day 6, since he was registered as an American due to his long-term stay in Miami. Michael amassed approximately 50 million chips on Thursday morning, placing him fifth in the chip count.

During this same edition of the WSOP, Duek finished third in the US$10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship, event #69 in the series. His third-place finish in said tournament resulted in the largest sum of money he has ever received: $548,015. Michael has also cashed in the $5,000 Mixed NLH – PLO tournaments, event #53 (82nd; $8,761), the $1,500 PLO tournament, event #45 (35th; $7,810), and the $25,000 PLO High Roller tournament, event #19 (31st; $44,253).


  • This text provides information about the upcoming final table of the Main Event of the World Series of Poker, including the chip count, prize payouts, and the representation of Argentine player Michael Duek. Duek has made it to the Unofficial Final Table and is hoping to enforce the Spanish language at the event.

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