Downtown Rosario: Tournament of the Week and Standings

Downtown Rosario: Tournament of the Week and Stand...

Tournament of the Week and StandingsThe usual tournament takes place at Latin America’s biggest casino, and mid-month listings are tight.

City Center Rosario:Seasonal Torneos and Leaderboards

New poker week in Downtown Rosario with its The traditional individual tournament begins, accompanied by attractive virtual offers to be enjoyed on the online platform of the largest casino in Latin America, during which the ranking is determined.

Activity starts, such as every Tuesday at 6:30 pm, Tuesday+, The buy-in is $30,000, blinds are played for a total of 20 minutes, and 25,000 tournament chips are accumulated, with a maximum of 150 players participating at a time. Re-enter the Championship up to Tier 6 and earn bonus parking.

Leaderboard Tuesday+

Players will have the opportunity to online qualify every Sunday at 9pm GMT. Website:

More downtown action

Wednesday at 6:30pmIt’s the deep stacks’ turn. The event has a $40,000 buy-in, blinds every 25 minutes, a starting tournament stack of 45,000 points, and a maximum of 150 players per event with bonus parking. Re-entry is possible at 7:30pm up to level 6; it is played over the course of a day and has a new structure starting with 100 small blind, 200 big blind and 200 ante.

Downtown Rosario: Tournament of the Week and Stand...


  • This text provides information about the weekly poker tournaments and standings at Latin America’s biggest casino. It outlines the details of the individual tournaments that take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, including buy-ins, blinds, maximum players, and re-entry options. Additionally, it mentions that online qualifying is available on Sundays.

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