Daniel Negreanu demands for Ali Imsirovic to be banned

Daniel Negreanu calls on poker sites to block Ali Imsirovic

The story of Ali Imsirovic’s cheating has not subsided. This time Daniel Negreanu remembered him. He made a public plea for all poker rooms and sites to ban the young Bosnian from their services.

Ali and Jake Schindler’s 2017 PokerGO Tour eligibility was revoked, and their entire year’s worth of results were wiped out. According to unofficial reports, the same measures have resorted to and PokerStars, but under the rules of the operator such lists are not disclosed.

Whether or not Ali will be allowed to play in the WSOP is still up in the air. Although his purported sidekick Jake Schindler won his first gold bracelet while he was absent from the series last year, he chose not to elaborate.

Unconfirmed reports also claim that Ali and Jake are banned from playing at tables on GGPoker (PokerOK in Russia) because of their use of RTA.

However, according to Negreanu, Ali continues to play in other rooms, as well as lesser-known operators. The online player strongly suggests that their owners not allow either of them to do so.

My impression of Ali Imsirovic as a superb player who was devoted to the game and would be an active participant in tournaments for years was formed before I learned of his dishonesty. I heard he’s continuing his shenanigans and it’s probably impossible to fix him at this point. Before the game even starts, all online and live operators should immediately and permanently ban him. He is far from sorry and additionally braggadocio when he speaks about defrauding past acquaintances,” Daniel stated.

Others claim that Ali is still actively engaging in RTA, ghosting, and other forms of misbehavior while playing on unregulated platforms. Most likely, these are apps developed in China or the United States, both of which are more sympathetic to those who break the law.


  • Daniel Negreanu is calling for poker sites to ban Ali Imsirovic due to cheating allegations, and reports suggest that some sites have already taken action. Negreanu believes that Imsirovic should be permanently banned from all online and live operators, as he continues to engage in dishonest practices and shows no remorse.

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