Charlie Carrel’s $100,000 bet was settled with Zinho’s acceptance.

Zinho agrees to terms on Charlie Carrel's challeng...

British Charlie Carell has attracted widespread attention for his controversial tweets. The Grinder is also known for posing difficult challenges in online poker, and this time he suggests a $100,000 bet. Our goal is to reach a certain milestone while playing cash games on GGPoker. Brazilian athlete Mateus Carrión, also known as Zinho, has publicly expressed interest in joining his team.

The Gaucho, one of Brazil’s top experts on cash games, didn’t think Carrel could carry out his plan. The premise is that the British player states on the website that if he plays Rush & Rush, he can earn 5 blinds for every 100 blinds on 100,000 pre-rebate hands. Cash (Zoom format) is NL200 (blinds $1/$2).

Zinho said on Twitter that he accepted the $100,000 bet and agreed to the conditions for offline discussions. Speaking to Poker World , the celebrity revealed that he would only mention a few key parameters, such as betting deadlines and ways to verify Charlie’s claim of 100,000 hands.

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Carrel hinted that he didn’t think he could do it. I’ve had many brave poker players tell me that I can’t win at their games. Just like every other job I’ve ever had. The British author urges readers to take action, not just words. He discovered this because some Twitter users had taken the bet.

Zinho also enjoys a good conversation. He announced his acceptance of the bet on Instagram, writing: “Will he take it this time or will he show up and make excuses like usual?” referring to Carell. Charlie has not yet contacted the creator of Metagame Brasil.

Zinho agrees to terms on Charlie Carrel's challeng...

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