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Naza114 walked away with €11,239 as winner of Tuesday’s HighRoller at Winamax.

Naza114 walked away with €11,239 as winner of Tues...

The focus at Winamax.fres yesterday was on normal events. Today there are 30 events with five-figure prizes for a total of €736,000.

Three lucky winners received around €6,000.

The €200 battle royale was won by “LeChuck777” who took home €10,776.06.

Prime time value €10,776.06. “Petit-256994” won the grand prize of €50 (€6,739.76).

The biggest prize of the day went to “Naza114” who won 11,239.61 KRW for a €250 bet on HighRoller.

The prize pool is over €30,000 across eight events:

Tea fee is €20 (approximately $30,000 USD).

The €20 KO Mystery has a prize of $30,000.

Mystery’s KO bonus is $50 ($44,000).

The prize pool for War of the Worlds is €200 (approximately $61,000 USD).

The cost of an after-get off work drink: €20 (about $43,000).

KO of unknown origin €10 (~$43,000).

€50 (approximately $64,000).

High stakes: €250 (approximately $64,000). $59,000).

Here are the full results from the day’s events with prize pools over €10,000.

Field: 234. Prize pool: €10,530. dima14ogon (Shaolin, €50. Prize pool: €2,428.27).

The starting price was 2,883.49 euros, the total prize pool was 12,915 euros, and Gary Potter14 won.

Mystery Knockout (€2,670.08. Field Size: 230. Total Prize Pool: €10,350) Poodle Power

Price: €2,494.93. Number of participants: 243. Total prize money: €10,935. Winner: elpapa1975

Fazendita won a total of €30,888 (tea time €20, prize: €3,092.37, number of entries: 1,716).

Winner: Mamut Rahal (€50 Gladiator; total prize pool: €26,370; number of participants: 586).

T9forLife (Mystery KO, €4,053.93. Prize money: €14,784. Entries: 64).

Winner: depj74 (Mystery KO; €3,141.11; 1,682 players; $30,276).

WeshLiZe (€10 Monster Stack) (6.30pm). Field size: 1,884; Total prize pool: €2,850.00; Value: €16,956.

Winner: L3 B1s0uS (Guerrilla 5, €1,785.95; 3,619 total players; total prize money of €16,286).

deeeeeeepblue (mystery KO, 4,214.32€, 995) participant, total prize money 44,775€)

LeChuck777 (Battle Royale €200, €10,776.06, 335 players, €61,640 total)

Has an unknown KO. The total prize money is €18,842 (number of entries: 4,187).

OutSideR23 (Nitro €20, 1st place $1,961.17, 714 total entries, prize pool $12,852)

lebordelaii (€50 per shooter, €2,226.86 for first place, total prize money of €10,755)

La Fievres MMAOMM €10 (main prize: €4,152.58; participation fees: €2,730; total prize: €24,570).

Eric Carpeman (€10 tornado, $1,586.45, $1,366 venue, $12,294)

Prize Pool Mag Rossbeat (Sniper €5, €1,258.35, Live €2,300, Total €10,350)

DnecPrficIAm (€20 after hours, prize money of €4,393.20), €2,435 games, total prize pool of €43,830.

Prize: 2,992.75 €. Number of participants: 4,793. Total prize pool: 43,137 €. Artist: Arthur 42b. Mysterious KO.

Baby-256994 (First round of 50. 1,435 participants; Total prize money 64,575 euros.

Pour la Daronne) ScrAAAt €5; 1st place: 1,765.21 euros; participants : 4,819; total prize money: 21,686 euros).

Naza114 has 258 entries and a total prize pool of €59,856 (HighRoller €250, price: €11,239.61)

Big Bang) Loifeuillage has a total prize pool of €11,093 (€50 x 2,465 participants = €1,160.90).

Gimbra (€20 per pinball machine; first prize €2,344.41; first prize €2,344.41). Total prize pool 16,344; 908 participants).

M. Verratti.6 (one of the top 50. A total of 17,685 euros (393 entries) was awarded.

A total of 21,375 euros were awarded, of which 2,219.25 euros were awarded to Dubz57 (Ninja 10) .

Number of participants: 507. Prize pool: 22,815 euros. 21vince21 (Rush hour 50 euros. Prize money: 3,179.87 euros. Number of participants: 507).

Hugzerom (mystery KO, bonus €2,313.96, 2,430 participants, total prize money of €21,870).

Maxh62 (Nightclub 10, 1st place, €2,064.12; 1,790 players; total prize money of €16,110).

Today we resume regular play

Be a responsible player. Online poker rooms have a variety of ways to encourage responsible play (such as self-exclusion or deposit limits) .

Naza114 walked away with €11,239 as winner of Tues...

Charlie Carrel’s $100,000 bet was settled with Zinho’s acceptance.

Zinho agrees to terms on Charlie Carrel's challeng...

British Charlie Carell has attracted widespread attention for his controversial tweets. The Grinder is also known for posing difficult challenges in online poker, and this time he suggests a $100,000 bet. Our goal is to reach a certain milestone while playing cash games on GGPoker. Brazilian athlete Mateus Carrión, also known as Zinho, has publicly expressed interest in joining his team.

The Gaucho, one of Brazil’s top experts on cash games, didn’t think Carrel could carry out his plan. The premise is that the British player states on the website that if he plays Rush & Rush, he can earn 5 blinds for every 100 blinds on 100,000 pre-rebate hands. Cash (Zoom format) is NL200 (blinds $1/$2).

Zinho said on Twitter that he accepted the $100,000 bet and agreed to the conditions for offline discussions. Speaking to Poker World , the celebrity revealed that he would only mention a few key parameters, such as betting deadlines and ways to verify Charlie’s claim of 100,000 hands.

Luis Felipe Souza’s fears of robbery and carjacking before he made the world’s million dollars.

Carrel hinted that he didn’t think he could do it. I’ve had many brave poker players tell me that I can’t win at their games. Just like every other job I’ve ever had. The British author urges readers to take action, not just words. He discovered this because some Twitter users had taken the bet.

Zinho also enjoys a good conversation. He announced his acceptance of the bet on Instagram, writing: “Will he take it this time or will he show up and make excuses like usual?” referring to Carell. Charlie has not yet contacted the creator of Metagame Brasil.

Zinho agrees to terms on Charlie Carrel's challeng...

Jason Koon Wins Record Eighth Triton Series Championship

Jason Koon Wins Record Eighth Triton Series Champi...

Star player Jason Koon has been on a winning streak since early 2023, extending his winning streak in the Triton Poker Series. In London, he won his eighth title by beating Rodrigo Selouan in Event 6: $60,000 7-Hands Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em. Overall, the win netted GGPoker Team Pro $1,570,000, its seventh million-dollar prize on the track.

“Surround yourself with people who are better, smarter, and better than you.” I “I have a team full of players who might be better than me. I’m constantly learning from them and constantly Progress,” Kuhn said.

Koon wins all versions of the 2023 Triton. He let Mikita Badziakouski down for his unprecedented record. Currently, the two biggest winners have four titles each. Phil Ivey, Fedor Holz, Wai Kin Yong and Danny Tang followed with three wins.

See all of Koon’s victories:


Triton Montenegro

$127,000 Short Deck – $3,579,836


Triton Jeju

$127,000 Short Deck – $2,899,000

$127,000 No Limit Hold’em – $993,221


Triton Madrid

150,000 Euro Short Deck One Bullet – 1,750,000 Euro


Triton Vietnam

US$50,000 NL Hold’em Turbo – US$574,000

Triton Cyprus

US$20,000 NL Hold’em 7-Handed – US$663,000

$100,000 NL Hold’em US Main Event $2,451,082

Triton London

$60,000 NL Hold’em 7-Handed – $1,570,000

Jason Koon Wins Record Eighth Triton Series Champi...

KSOP GGPoker: Big progress for Saturday’s Main Event

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú: Surprisingly, Francisco Busto...

Saturday was a busy one at the KSOP Puerto Iguazú, with several tournaments being played in the City Center hall. The Main Event, the circuit’s flagship event had Days 1D and 1E held, which easily blew the guarantee out of the water.

On Day 1D, 204 entries were recorded, and 55 players were able to move on. The lead ended in the hands of Argentina’s Francisco Bustos, who bagged up an impressive stack of 319,000 chips.

Among the day’s highlights, some big names also made it through to Day 2. Gilmar Lazarin (260,000), Diogo Clock (179,500), Gustavo Tatith “Fincão” (172,000), Rafael Furlanetto (134,500), Alex Bez (88,500) and Vânia Leite (68,500), Iago Kleis (38,000) and Wender Oliveira (34,500) were highlights.

READ MORE: Cristian Stival is thrilled to see the realization and success of the KSOP GGPoker in Iguazú and says: “a dream”.

Meanwhile, on Day 1E, the field was 104 entries and 40 players advanced. The lead was taken by Luiz Carlos dos Santos, “Lucke”, from Cuiabá-MT. He secured a stack of 232,500 chips.

The qualifier also had good names: Paulo Pinto (231,500), Gerardo Rodriguez (147,000), Leandro Poleza (107,000), Wendell Athayde (91,000), Fernando Araujo (82,000), Ricado Sehnem (75,000), Luis Henrique Taffner (55,000) and Brayan Viana (31,000).

The Main Event will have one more qualifier on Sunday (06) at 11am. Day 2 will be held from 15:00 and the blinds return to 1,000 / 2,000 with big ante. At the moment there are more than 700 registered entries and 207 qualifiers.

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú: Surprisingly, Francisco Busto...

Bruno Volkmann and Felipe Mojave Lead Brazil into Final Day of WSOP $10,000 6-Max Event

Bruno Volkmann and Felipe Mojave Lead Brazil into...

The World Series of Poker is coming to an end, but the dream of another green and yellow bracelet lives on. In one of the toughest events of the series, Event #90: $10,000 6-Hand No-Limit Hold’em Tournament, Team Brazil will select two representatives from a field of 30 finalists: Bruno Volkmann and Felipe Mojave. They compete for the first prize of $1,057,663 and a gold bracelet. Day 2 of the competition attracted 550 players, starting with 252 players, and after more than 10 hours of competition, only 30 survived. As time went on, the tournament bubble burst over the head of 2012 Main Event winner Greg Merson, who saw his pair of jacks lose to Klemens Reuter. Roiter’s pair of aces. The field thinned out quickly after he dropped to No. 84.Among the winners were several big names such as defending main event champion Espen Jorstad ($83 – $16,088) and Brazilian Renan Bruschi ($69 – $17,596), Tao Ann de Oliveira ($50 – $20,110) and Pedro Garagnani ($34 – $28,938). The tournament chip leader is Brit Jamie O’Connor with 2,545,000 chips (102 BBS). Also alive are England’s Stephen Chidwick (1,615,000) and bracelet record holder Phil Hellmuth (860,000). Blinds return 10,000/25,000 with big blind stakes, these are all qualifiers returning to the table at 17:00 BST:PlayerCountryCardsBigBlinds Jamie O’ Connor Ireland 2,545,000 102 AJ Kelsall USA 2,325,000 93 Fabrice Bigot France 1,975,000 79 Farid Jattin Colombia 1,935,000 77 Stephen Chidwick UK 1,615,000 65 Frank Lagodich USA 1,505,000 60 And re Marques Portugal 1,475,000 59 Michael Rossitto USA 1,455,000 58 Bruno Volkmann Brazil 1,380,000 55 Justin Liberto USA 1,355,000 54 Eli Berg USA 1,350,000 54 Kubanychbek Abakirov USA 1,315,000 53 Alexandre Reard France 1.250 .000 50 Yueqi Zhu China 1,135,000 45 Jun Obara Japan 1,015,000 41 Markus Gonsalves USA 895,000 3 6 Phil Hellmuth US 860,000 34 Andrey Pateychuk Russia 820,000 33 Benjamin Diebold US 815,000 33 Andrey Kotelnikov Russia 725,000 2 Albert Nguyen Canada 700,000 28 Taylor Paur USA 685,000 27 Felipe Ramos Brazil 660,000 26 Casey Brown USA 625,000 25 Barak Wisbro d Israel 495,000 20 Tobias Schwecht Austria 495,000 20 T

Bruno Volkmann and Felipe Mojave Lead Brazil into...

Faraz Jaka praises Mastrootto after penalty shootout: ‘He’s incredible’

For the first gold bracelet, Faraz repeated the Ja...

Yuri Martins and Allan Mello have qualified for the final table of Event #85 ($1,500 Penalty Shootout), as has star Faraz Jaka will be added to it. The American, one of the most respected figures on the scene, booked his ticket after beating Gustavo Mastrootto heads-up at the same table. There even seems to be a good friendship between the two.

After the duel, Jaka and Mastelotto had a long chat, discussing some of the hands they had played. The two players took careful notes during the match and then exchanged views on different hands. Mundo Poker interviewed Jaka and he talked about “22ehnutzz”.

“It’s fun! He’s a great player. I haven’t played him yet. We meet at the dinner table,” Faraz said. “A friend (Alexander Mantovani, aka Cavallito) told me he was one of the best players in Brazil. It was fun to play with him,” he added. Jaka also explains their conversation at the end of the table.

“We had a lot of fun playing together and when it was over I was curious what he had and he was curious what I had. We both typed all Content.” Hand. So besides being great in other ways, it was fun talking to him. We might keep in touch and become friends, who knows. said Jaka.

Jaka, who ended up finishing eighth, has reached the final table of his WSOP career and is still looking for his first bracelet. He scored a penalty in 2016 final table, but became the second person to be eliminated by the FT. “I like the penalty shootout format because a lot of people are not used to playing short heads-up tables,” he explained. Now he is expected to play against the Brazilian Another duel: “Now I’m going to face Yuri, maybe I’ll go heads-up with him at the next table,” he concluded.

For the first gold bracelet, Faraz repeated the Ja...

Here they are: Finalists for the WSOP 2023 Main Event.

Here they are: Finalists for the WSOP 2023 Main Ev...

The most anticipated final table of the year has become a reality. The Main Event of WSOP 2023 has confirmed the nine players who will begin the battle for the new world title this Sunday in a record 10,043 entrants record, $93.3 million in pot prizes, gold bracelets and diamonds for the winner, and most importantly, $12,100,000 and eternal glory.

It will be an exciting tournament defined by Adam Walton as the wide-stacked leader, as the Seattle native has a brutal 143,800,000 stack and around 120 The big blind, if not disaster, would allow him to take control of the situation. Steven Jones is his closest follower with 90,300,000 points (75 BB).

Spain’s Aguilera missed the final table but still won $700,000.

Day 8 started with 15 players and lasted 6 hours, the shortest to date since the event began. With Jose Aguilera down, the finalists have been confirmed and will return to the tables this Sunday at 2pm after a Saturday break. The first day of final table action takes place in Las Vegas.

Although Spain’s Aguilera was a final table bubble, earning $700,000 for his 10th place finish, there is another Iberian still alive. His country: Juan Maceiras, with 68,000,000 in chips and about 57 big blinds, is doing really well.

The top nine players list is completed by American Daniel Weinman, German Jan-Peter Jachtmann, UkrainianRuslan Prydryk, Italian Daniel Holzner and Britons Dean Hutchinson and Toby Lewis.

They return to Las Vegas this Sunday at 2pm to return to the Horseshoe Arena. to define champions. The final table began with 1 hour and 49 minutes remaining in level 38 with blinds of 600,000/1,200,000 and a big blind ante of 1,200,000. Trading will continue until four players remain, returning Monday to determine the champion.

Event #76: $10,000 Main Event WSOP World Championship of No-Limit Hold’em

Buy-In: $10,000Number of Participants: 10,043 End Pool: $93,399,900Player in Tournament: 9Average Chip Stack: 66,953,333Blinds: 1h49m10 left at level 38 600K/1.2M/1.2M BB ante)Position paid: 1,507Next payout:$900,000

Final Table

First Place: Steven Jones – 90,300,000 (75 BBs)2nd place: Juan Maceiras – 68,000,000 (57 big blinds)3rd place: Daniel Holzner – 31,900,000 (27 big blinds)4th place: Adam Walton – 143,800,000 (120 big blinds)Fifth place: Ruslan Prydryk – 50,700,000 (42 big blinds)6th place: Dean Hutchison – 41,700,000 (35 big blinds)7th place: Toby Lewis – 19,800,000 (17 big blinds)8th place: Daniel Weinman – 81,700,000 (68 big blinds)Ninth place: Jan-Peter Jachtmann – 74,600,000 (62 big blinds)


1. $12,100,0002. USD 6,500,0003. USD 4,000,0004. USD 3,000,0005° $2,400,0006° USD 1,850,0007° $1,425,0008° $1,125,0009. $900,000

ITM Latinos

34. Carlos Roques – $280,10063. Sergio Torres – $130,30086. David Cocio-Ruiz – $92,60089° Luis Yepes – $92,60098° Vito Bengozzi – $78,900112° Luis Donelles – $67,700115° Oscar Arach – $67,700116° Hilton Laborda – $67,700120° Diego Ramos – $67,700141° Ezequiel Lebed – $67,700148° Rodrigo Benmu – $67,700161° Louis Abdullah – $67,700181° Manuel Porchardt – $58,800196° Rafael Morais – $58,800228° Jorge Postigo – $50,900233° Carlos Lim – $50,900234° Hilton Lourenco – $50,900281° Jorge Dominguez – $50,900305° Arthur Souza de Campos – $44,700313° Thiago Crema – $44,700317° Lucas Porchardt – $44,700332° Hermione Garza – $44,700338° Carlos Leyva – $44,700345° Juan Marcos Lopez – $44,700352° Christian Roberts – $40,000357° Diego Emperador – $40,000380° Eduardo Amaral – $40,000394° Mario Lopez – $40,000Recife 401° Silvera – $40,000419° Edgardo Rosario – $40,000446° João Simão – $40,000485° Omar Barretta – $35,000490° Yuri Givylevsky – $35,000506° Rafael Kayafa – $35,000507° German Dansker – $35,000522° Vinicius Pieri de Lima – $35,000535° Renan Aziz – $35,000561° Andrea Goldbaum – $32,500577° Thiago Franco – $32,500584° Emmanuel Lopez – $32,500594° Francisco Benitez – $32,500602° Franco Mendes – $32,500619° Francis Cruz – $30,000628° Ramon Croppmans – $30,000637° Laura Sintra – $30,000651° Rodrigo Incefran – $30,000700° Diego Sanchez – $27,500704° Felipe Ketzer – $27,500710° Pedro Cavalieri – $27,500718° Leonardo Santos – $27,500748° Adrian Troya – $27,500755° Marco Zevola – $27,500794° Gurte Fortuna – $25,000802° Mauricio Aruano Parodi – $25,000832° Mathias Scafford – $25,000851° Gerson Caldeira – $25,000901° Pedro Galagnani – $25,000906° Lowry Championship – $25,000959° Jose Ferro – $22,500972° Rodrigo Rischmag – $22,500993° Mathias Duarte – $20,0001,005° Leonardo Daviglus – $17,5001,041° Mario Lauro – $17,5001,045° Eduardo de la Isla – $17,5001,098° Joseph Bloom Pacheco – $17,5001,106° Neville Endo Costa – $17,5001,076 Emmanuel Fernandez – $17,5001,113° Daniel Barahona – $17,5001,169° Fernando Sampitro – $17,5001,180° Guimarães – $17,5001,183° Dennis Lewis – $17,5001,199° Jose Moore – $17,5001,227° Leonardo de Souza – $17,5001.254° Oligan Ramos Duarte – $15,0001.257° Mariano Cable Car – $15,0001,266° Jorge Ribeiro – $15,0001.286° Jacob Montoya – $15,0001294° Giuseppe Callio – $15,0001,296° Cristian Peña Castro – $15,0001428° Jesus Bertoli – $15,0001,431. Augusto Hagen – $15,0001,460° Eider Cruz – $15,000

*Full prize pool.

Tech Sheet 54.

World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event


Location: Horseshoe, Las VegasLocation: Las Vegas, USAAmount of Purchase: $10,000Chips: 60,000Late Registration:Until Day 2 2nd LevelRe-Entry, Re-Buy, Additional: noShutters:120 minutesDates:July 3-17Day 1A: Monday, 03.07. Day 1B:Tuesday, 4.7. Chapter 1C: Wednesday, 5.7. Day 1D: Thursday 7/6 Day 2A/2B/2C: Friday 7/7Day 2D: Saturday 7/8Day 3:Sunday, 9/7Day 4:Monday, 10.7. Day 5: Tuesday, 11.7. Day 6: Wednesday 12/7 – 12:00 Day 7:Thursday, 13.7. Day 8: Friday, 14.7. Day 9: Saturday, 15.7. – The finalists have a day off.

Final Table

Day 10: Sunday, 16.7. – 2pm (until 4pm left)Day 11:Monday, 17.7. – 2:00 pm (until World Champion is announced)

*Full structure.

Latin Timetable

12:00pm Las Vegas1:00pm 2:00 pm3:00 pm3:00 pm 4:00pm

Here they are: Finalists for the WSOP 2023 Main Ev...

Brian Rast is the latest inductee into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Brian Rast is the latest inductee into the Poker H...

On Thursday, July 13, a new inductee to the Poker Hall of Fame was announced: three-time Poker Players Championship winner Brian Rast. In his speech, he thanked the living members who voted for him and his wife and said it was an honor to be part of the group.

Brian has played a total of 25 events in his live tournament career, earning $2 million and ranking 29th on the all-time money list. At the World Series of Poker, he has 67 cashes, 17 final tables and six bracelets for $8.9 million. Along with Michael Mizrachi, he is the only player to have won the Players of Poker 50K three times.

It has his name and pictures of all the Hall of Famers on it. A new section of the poker room at the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. You can see what the new Hall of Fame looks like here:

Check out this post on Instagram

A post shared by Pokerlogia (@pokerlogia)

Brian was tweeted by many on social media Share Professionals congratulate players like Phil Hellmuth, Phil Galfond and Scotty Nguyen. After his induction ceremony, he participated in the WSOP 2023 Poker Hall of Fame Bounty Event #86, where Hall members receive bonuses based on their year of induction. Whoever knocks out Bryan wins $2,023.

Brian Rast is the latest inductee into the Poker H...

WSOP Excitement: Daughter and Dad Are Out of the Bubble

WSOP Excitement: Daughter and Dad Are Out of the B...

The World Series of Poker is more than just a festival. This is where emotion runs alongside money, and in some cases, even further. Because when you think about it, there is certainly no place or moment in the world of poker that is less profitable on the wallet. Like There’s no better place than Las Vegas during the WSOP.

It’s up for debate, just look at the faces of those who won the bracelets. Hugs from those off the rail, as happened recently when Julio Belluscio, better known as Bartolo, won a bracelet. But you don’t have to go that far. In that sense, there are few comparable moments when there is a main event bubble where a thousand-plus players are waiting for the cash list to open to express the emotion of duty done, even though the actual win isn’t that big. However, hitting the first goal means much more than $5,000. Not to mention you don’t like being alone.

That’s what happened to the Porterfields, David and Amanda, who made no secret of their excitement when the bubble burst. those who are still alive.

We did it! Dad and I Entered the World Series of Poker Main Event Prize Money! ✨️

— Amanda Botfeld (@amandabotfeld) July 10, 2023

“We did it! Dad Both ITM,” Amanda shared in the first tweet. She then went on to say that they were still online at lunchtime. She fares better at 672k while he surfs at 176k.

The Poker Families of the WSOP

Their stories can be father and son, mother and daughter or any combination. It may have started with a home game for the dad chipping in and later continued while he was coaching his daughter.

In fact, she posted a picture at 13 years old, learning from her dad…

2021: I Went into Day 3 of the WSOP Tag Team Championship with my dad.

2023: My dad and I both completed Day 3 of the Main Event. (Dad – 260k, Me – 362k)

Unreal. ✨️

— Amanda Botfeld (@amandabotfeld) July 9, 2023

She also added another image from WSOP 2021, Titled “Unreal” as they shared the event as a couple, the doubles team finished third.

The ending here The family love story ended on the main event table when David dropped in 1,160. Receive a $17,500 bonus. Amanda, who also wrote a book and now teaches others as her father did to her, entered Day 5 with 910,000 chips in 290th place.

Although separated by variance, it is so well known that it is only indirect. Because as long as there’s poker and the WSOP, they’ll be together forever…

Amanda and her book, and Sean McCormack.

WSOP Excitement: Daughter and Dad Are Out of the B...

Downtown Rosario: Tournament of the Week and Standings

Downtown Rosario: Tournament of the Week and Stand...

Tournament of the Week and StandingsThe usual tournament takes place at Latin America’s biggest casino, and mid-month listings are tight.

City Center Rosario:Seasonal Torneos and Leaderboards

New poker week in Downtown Rosario with its The traditional individual tournament begins, accompanied by attractive virtual offers to be enjoyed on the online platform of the largest casino in Latin America, during which the ranking is determined.

Activity starts, such as every Tuesday at 6:30 pm, Tuesday+, The buy-in is $30,000, blinds are played for a total of 20 minutes, and 25,000 tournament chips are accumulated, with a maximum of 150 players participating at a time. Re-enter the Championship up to Tier 6 and earn bonus parking.

Leaderboard Tuesday+

Players will have the opportunity to online qualify every Sunday at 9pm GMT. Website:

More downtown action

Wednesday at 6:30pmIt’s the deep stacks’ turn. The event has a $40,000 buy-in, blinds every 25 minutes, a starting tournament stack of 45,000 points, and a maximum of 150 players per event with bonus parking. Re-entry is possible at 7:30pm up to level 6; it is played over the course of a day and has a new structure starting with 100 small blind, 200 big blind and 200 ante.

Downtown Rosario: Tournament of the Week and Stand...

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